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Posted by on Feb 25, 2021 in News | 0 comments

Timber Groyne Maintenance Works

NFDC’s on-going programme of timber groyne repairs is due to commence week commencing 22/02/21.  This work will be carried out in a similar manner to previous groyne repair and refurbishment works.  The works will involve bringing in new and recycled timber material by road from the Hurst Road Depot.  Some of the timber has been recovered from previous timber groyne works, with some recycled piles coming from BCP Council following their extensive timber groyne replacement programme.  This means that a proportion of the timber is being re-used rather than purchased new giving significant savings and environmental benefits.

As before, the timbers will be transported along Westover Road from the depot at the end of Hurst Road to the car park, Hurst Road East. Part of the car park will be cordoned off for the duration of the works.  A works compound will be set up on the promenade in front of the Needles Eye Café and the play areas.  A diversion route around the compound will be signed.  Materials will be brought into the compound and unloaded as required, with lorry movements kept to a minimum, particularly after dark.  Mechanical plant will be located on the beach to both the east and to the west in order to repair each groyne that requires attention.  Not all groynes will have works undertaken on them and the works have been programmed on a priority based approach.  The more favourable the weather and tides will mean more works can be completed.  See below plan for the area of works and the repair priority list.

As part of the repair and refurbishment works the shingle that has built up in front of the beach huts and along the promenade will be cleared and moved back onto the foreshore.  Care will be taken to ensure no damage occurs from this operation to the beach hut doors.  See area of works that promenade shingle removal will cover.

The bulk of the works will be during March, making best use of the low spring tides during this time.  It is envisaged that the works will be completed in approximately 4 weeks (subject to suitable tides and weather conditions). The works are being carried out by Earlcoate Construction Ltd and the operation is being carried out early in the year to avoid inconveniencing members of the public when the area is busy.

Public safety will be managed by banksmen located around the site as necessary and in the car park during deliveries.  There will be provision for the public to walk around the compound to allow continuous walking on a suitable surface.

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