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Posted by on Aug 20, 2020 in News |

Seawall works update from NFDC

On 19th August the contractor will be commencing the mobilisation of the necessary containers and units for the site compound. These will initially be delivered to the car park at Paddy’s Gap (as shown on the attached plan, 1st page) along with the first pieces of plant. This will be stored in an area outside of the car park boundary that has used previously when undertaking coastal works and will be fenced for security.

From Monday 24th August the contractor will be in a position to transfer these units to the site compound location, (as shown on page 2 of the attached) and commence the setting up of their site compound. The NFDC land fronting Nautica Reach properties will not be available for the public and so the footpath diversion will be changed to the eastern side of the White House. However, access will be available across the front of the White House to view the works.

Also from Monday smaller rock deliveries are expected to commence by road to Paddy’s Gap car park. This rock will be used to construct a suitable access road within the area of the failed seawall, known as site 1. The red line on the plan shows the proposed access route from Paddy’s Gap.

Vessels have been secured for the main rock delivery, which will be Larvik rock from Norway, expected to be in two loads of approximately 5,000t and 4,000t. Once in the area the vessel will be moored of the IoW (Yarmouth area) in sheltered waters that will enable transfer of rock to a smaller barge for delivery to site. This work will of course need to be undertaken in good weather conditions, to enable transfer from the barge to the beach. The plan at the moment is that the main vessel will be arriving to the site around 5th September, allowing for weather conditions.

NFDC is continuing to refine the design and by the very nature of urgent works that will be some elements that cannot be completely designed until on site. This is a very dynamic site with changes to continue to happen on a daily basis to the seawall and that once on site there may be a need to change certain elements.

Seawall storage and compound location

Seawall information briefing note 12/08/20