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Response from Milford on Sea Parish Council to Pennyfarthing Homes’ online consultation relating to Strategic Site 7 – known as Swallowfields Park, Manor Road Milford-on-Sea

Posted by on Sep 9, 2022 in news, News | Comments Off on Response from Milford on Sea Parish Council to Pennyfarthing Homes’ online consultation relating to Strategic Site 7 – known as Swallowfields Park, Manor Road Milford-on-Sea


The site SS7 in the New Forest District Local Plan 2016- 2036 was adopted for ‘at least 110 new homes and public open space’. The Parish Council considers that the proposed 191 new homes will be an over development of the site resulting in a cramped environment and will put an excessive strain on infrastructure and public services. 


The Parish Council wish to see detailed designs of the proposed dwellings.   It is felt that the housing at the Swifts is lacklustre, unattractive, dated and very ordinary.  There is an opportunity for this development to enhance the area rather than following a standard mass development pattern.

We note that the affordable housing is largely situated directly under the comms mast. We wish to have every assurance that this is acceptable and safe.


Prior to any works commencing all remedial works to the Public Open Space at the land adjacent to the school must be completed to resolve the problems with the unsatisfactory condition of this land and the consequent liability concerns from its use by the public and the school.

Provision of traffic lights at the Everton junction of B3058 and the A337 must be mandated and works commenced before construction work starts.

The Parish Council trusts that, and will look for, evidence that new-build standards will be shown to be coping with the problems of climate change and energy costs.

We welcome the provision of footpaths, cycle routes and the provision of a pedestrian access to the site from the B3058 opposite the school.

Protection of existing trees is imperative as is the retention of existing hedges.  More tree planting will be welcome.


Drainage and sewerage problems are of great concern to the village.   Mains sewerage from this new development must not connect to existing pipework which is already overloaded causing major issues at Keyhaven with frequent spills onto roads and into Sturt Pond.   The Parish awaits proposals from Pennyfarthing on how it intends to deal with this major concern.


Access to the site as suggested by Pennyfarthing at the N E point of the site to be installed with the essential proviso that construction traffic must avoid school start of day and end of school times.

A condition must be imposed that all construction traffic parks within the site.  No parking can be tolerated in Manor Road, Manor Close, Knowland Drive or other neighbouring residential roads. 

The Public Open Space provided must be ready for leisure and informal play before the first residents arrive.   This land must be prepared to a high standard.   Councillors are very aware of the failure of the ground preparation at the neighbouring Swifts development. We wish to be advised of the specification of the Alternative Natural Greenspace.

Pennyfarthing to ensure that no topsoil is removed from the site leaving verges and green areas in poor condition.  We note the inferior state of these at the Swifts development.


We welcome Pennyfarthing’s commitment to provide affordable housing in accordance with government policy that 50 per cent of the dwellings on the site must be within affordable housing guidelines.  We regret that the largest proportion of such housing is categorised as being for first time buyers.  The cost of such housing, even discounted, will be beyond the means of many people currently registered on the Homesearch Register.   We ask for evidence that the provision of the affordable housing on this site will answer the registered needs of the village.  We also wish to be reassured that the allocation of affordable housing will follow current regulation in that tenants or lessees will have a strong connection to the village and that, contrary to the statement in Pennyfarthing’s consultation, shared ownership will not contain the right to ‘staircase out’ so that a property will become owned completely by the resident.  This provision will ensure that the less expensive housing at the site will not be sold on as second homes but will remain within the affordable housing provision.

We look for reassurance that the provision of affordable housing will not be eroded when plans are submitted.


We note that Pennyfarthing has adopted the name Swallowfield Park as a working title for SS7.  Perhaps “Swallowfields” minus the “Park” may fit better with its neighbour, the Swifts.

The Parish Council intends to engage with more village feedback at public meetings.

New Milton and New Forest Talking News

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Do you know someone who is blind or partially-sighted and would like to receive the Talking Newspaper?

Coastal Briefing January 2022

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Please see here for the January 2022 Briefing

Local Recycling Points

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Please click here to find a comprehensive list of all the local recycling amenities available to Milford-on-Sea Parish.

Christchurch Harbour and Christchurch Bay FCERM Strategy

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Update – October 2021 (Board meeting 4th October)

Christchurch Harbour & Christchurch Bay FCERM

Results of consultation for use of public open land at MOS1 Land North of School Lane

Posted by on May 10, 2021 in News | 0 comments

The recent public consultation which asked for residents’ thoughts on what other facilities and amenities they would like  to see at the site garnered over 200 responses.   The full list is:

  • Wildlife Area/ Meadow/Garden (Inc. Sensory)/ Wooded Area/ Orchard – 67
  • MUGA/ Astroturf – 48 (additional 13 with floodlights)
  • Skate park – 44
  • Outdoor gym – 38
  • Track (running/cycle/ gravel/walking) – 33
  • BMX track – 31
  • Playing/ sports fields – 26
  • Picnic benches & seating– 26
  • Tennis court – 20
  • Football pitch – 18
  • Pond/ lake – 12
  • Netball/ basketball court/ hoop – 11
  • Table tennis – 11
  • Club house/ Sports hall/ Café / Pavilion/ Visitor Centre – 11
  • Wildflower meadow – 10
  • Zip wire – 9
  • Swimming pool / Splash Park – 9
  • Shuffleboard/ Petanque – 7
  • Donkey sanctuary / Community farm – 6
  • Climbing tower – 6
  • Pitch & putt / Crazy Golf – 6
  • Social space – 6
  • Velodrome – 5
  • Dog walking park – 5
  • Outdoor performance space/ Amphitheatre – 3
  • Cricket nets – 3
  • Maze – 3
  • Nature trail – 2
  • Beehives – 2
  • Botanical/ landscape gardens – 2
  • Sculpture garden – 1
  • Fire pit – 1
  • Large draughts/ chess board – 1
  • Flying fox – 1
  • Trampoline – 1
  • Drive in movie venue – 1
  • Cemetery – 1
  • Vine growing – 1
  • Bins – 1
  • Visitor centre – 1
  • No dogs – 3

The next stage will be for the Parish Council to consider all the options suggested and proposals will be drawn up over the coming months.  Watch this space for more details


New NFDC planning advice available

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The NFDC planning team has introduced a new duty planning officer system.

The officer can assist you with simple questions such as:

·         general advice on planning considerations and permitted development rights

·         how to apply for pre-application advice and what this service involves

·         how to apply for planning permission and general advice can be given on requirements for validating planning applications

The appointments are on the phone for 15 minutes and can be booked online 14 days in advance at