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Achievements, Accounts & Reports

Parish Council Achievements in Partnership with Village Groups, Associations and Sponsors for 2020/2021 and Projects in the Pipeline for 2021/2022

  • 10-year Natural England Higher Level Stewardship grazing agreement continues with the clearing of several scrub sections at Studland Common as well as stump grinding to all cleared areas.
  • Continuation of a 10-year Programme to manage the Upper & Lower Pleasure Grounds.
  • Further planting and landscaping at the Community Meadow.
  • Reduction of all Parish owned hedges to 4.5ft in height (over three years).
  • Continued upgrade of footpaths, culverts, bridges ditches and revetments in the Upper and Lower Pleasure Grounds.
  • New allotments at School lane Development Site (MoS1).
  • Continuing to upgrade and repair benches along the Cliff Top, Keyhaven and the Village Centre.
  • Improvements to the Centenary Garden (At Milford Bridge)
  • Removal of Scrub and Hedge Encroachment at Barnes Lane Recreation Ground & Carrington Lane Play Area.
  • Repairs to MEG Bridge and Boardwalk
  • Re-fencing of Studland Common, Meadow and Orchard

Download a copy of the External Audit Conclusion 2021/2021       External Auditors Report

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Download a copy of the Accounts and Audit 2020-2021   

Notice of conclusion of Audit

Download a copy of the 2020/21 CiL report here