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Council Members

Council members are voted by the village residents in Parish Council elections or are co-opted into office.

They do not represent political parties on the Parish Council.

The Councillors sit on some of the Committees and sub-Committees of the Parish Council and represent the interests of the village in many different ways.  They all give their time freely and are not paid for their time or effort.



Your current Parish Council Team


Bob Bishop - Chair

Cllr Bishop is Chair of the Parish Council.

Palms Springs House, Blackbush Road, Milford-on-Sea.

01590 645572

Anne Cullen - Vice Chair of the Parish Council

Cllr Cullen is Vice-Chair of the Parish Council.

07825 156 972

Sue Whitlock - Chair of Planning Committee

Cllr Whitlock is Chair of the Planning Committee.

44 High Street, Milford-on-Sea.

01590 643404

Patricia Banks

Keyhaven Barn, Lymore Lane, Keyhaven.

01590 645891

Kenneth Cameron

27 Knowland Drive, Milford-on-Sea.

01590 643851

Tony Coleman

21 High Street, Milford-on-Sea

01590 641 421

Tim Cowell

Sndham, Keyhaven Road, Keyhaven.

01590 642375

Donald Darbishire

The Old Stores, Keyhaven Road, Keyhaven.

01590 641690

Matthew Goode

Draycott, Pless Road, Milford-on-Sea.

01590 817483

Peter Jennions

The Pink House, Keyhaven Road, Milford-on-Sea.

07974 525 258





Please contact the Parish Council Office if you would like to contact a Parish Councillor.