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Posted by on Mar 15, 2021 in News |

Have your say! Consultation on open space land at School Lane (MOS1)

Milford-on-Sea Parish Council will shortly formally adopt the new public open space north of School Lane when the housing has been completed as shown on the attached map here.  No decisions have been made for this land except those made at the public enquiry for small scale play equipment to be provided for younger children at the southern end of the site as well as 8 small allotment plots and a car parking area at the northern point of the site.

The Parish Council considers it is essential that all interested residents and groups have a full opportunity to express their views as to how they consider the remaining land can best be used. To this end, the Parish Council is conducting this full consultation beginning on 15th March which will run to the end of April.  The Parish Council will then set out proposals for a final period of consultation in the light of the views that have been gathered.

The Parish Council recognises that there may be strongly held and differing views within the community. The aim of the Council is to ensure all residents have a full opportunity to be consulted, to express their view and to consider the views of others.

As you can also see by the dimensions, the land is of reasonable size and the Parish Council is keen to find out from the community what additional facilities might be added to make this parcel of land beneficial to the whole community.

There are currently no limitations to what may be considered, including sport activities, additional equipment, long term projects, wildlife areas, additional planting & landscaping. Therefore, the Parish Council would like to know your thoughts and aspirations.

If you would like to inform us of any ideas you may have on how best to utilise this community asset then complete our quick online survey here:

To view a plan of the area click here: Open space consultation 2021 – plans